Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Khadaq dan Khadar ALLAH"

Its been such a long time since I'm updating my blog. Last entry is on 2010. After last entry I'm soo busy finishing my thesis writing and Alhamdulllah I manage to finished it as targeted on December 2010. I submit my thesis to my supervisor.......then the test from ALLAH begins.....as a Muslim i believe that ALLAH the Al-Mighty have HIS own way to test me and test my Iman..HE know the best..and I accepted the 6th rule of "rukun iman, percayakan khadaq dan khadar". I believe its have the Hikmah for all this test. The test begun on February 2011 my daughter had an accident while she's came back from school..I spent about a month at the hospital and taking care of her. During that time I still updating my thesis which have been checked by my 2nd supervisor. I do my work in the hospital....taking care of my beloved daughter and finishing my updated thesis. I do my work while she was sleeping. Alhamdulillah she's recover now and manage to walk without her stick.

Another test begun when i'm waiting for my 1st supervisor feedback. My 2nd supervisor already consent my thesis for viva submitting notice but not my 1st supervisor. Her health and her busy schedule makes my thesis unattended...after a few plead she asked my to see her and we manage corrected my abstract and she gave her permission to submit the notice to faculty. After a few days my 2nd sv asked me to updated my thesis and after a few updated she gave her permission to sumbit the thesis. Unfortunately my 1st supervisor did not gave ant respond she's did't gave her permission for thesis submission. She said i've to wait for her. She have to check it first....and i have to wait and wait and wait..... While waiting time is flying away...my fellowship scheme is getting closer to the end. i begged my 1st sv to check my thesis and she angry with me and i don't have a guts to plead to her ever again. so i'm waiting....

Then the 3rd test begun...my son is attack by asthma and have to be hospitalized for a week..as as mother its my duty to take care of him in the hospital. Alhamdulillah he getting better and have to prescribe the healer everyday....at least he's o.k. After a few week my supervisor feedback my thesis and have to do some correction. Have already submitted after alter it.

The 4th test begun when I'm miscarriage. when i found that I'm pregnant I'm so happy and its the rezk from ALLAH but He knows best..I've been hospitalized but my health is not so good after that I've to confine and this Ramadan its not so smooth to me because of my health condition. after a few weeks my supervisor feedback the thesis and gonna to meet them this coming 23rd. Hope ALLAH give me good news and i can submit my thesis..InsyaAllah.

I know this test is from ALLAH and i accepted it as HIS servant. ALLAH knows the best.......May ALLAH give me rezk and getting my PhD. ASAP.......InsyaAllah.

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